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executive chef/maintenance man/counselor/mentor/giver/owner :: steven perrone


what can we say about this humble man who finds it uncomfortable to talk about himself and his talent.

known around here as "the food whisperer" he is a self taught chef who has fueled his culinary journey with passion, perseverance, and a profound understanding of flavors. a bit of a maverick, he is truly a chef who fears no one or nothing (except clowns) when it comes to food.



general manager/wine taster/designer/51% owner :: eileen perrone

manager.jpg eileen is the one responsible for the upscale retro-modern look and that comfortable, almost womb-like feeling that the restaurant emanates. armed with only a glass of wine, a determined attitude, and an eye for cool, she has created a "metropolitan" look with that little "burgh" feel.


she is the "face of the front", the "hostess with the mostess", the "glue", the "wo-man with the plan", ........I think you get the idea.


chef de partie :: alex byrne

Alex_200_background.jpgpawley's island local for the last twenty years. alex is an edgamacated young man who attended johnson and wales university of charlotte north carolina. 10 years of restaurant experience and working for executive chef/owner steven perrone for three years proves he is truly a glutton for punishment.

loves: the color indigo blue and day old baked goods

hates: the letter 'p' and anything with polka dots (double hate)

chef de partie :: ken gainey





ken "the flash" gainey is our lunch chef. a bit on the quiet side, but what he lacks in conversation he makes up for with mad sandwich skills, yo.

he has most definitely made our sous vide wagu beef reuben "his bitch".


server extraordinaire :: zach peek

Picture_199_zack__background_200.jpgzach hails from the "bluegrass state" of kentucky. he was born fourth generation into the family horseshoe embellishment business. "spoiled" is an understatment when describing his childhood, he was given his first scribe at the age of twelve and summers in rangoon were commonplace. despite his "silver spoon" upbringing, zach is really just a regular guy who enjoys mirrors, amateur crab walking competitions on the beach, clogging, humming the mega hits of zamfir the pan flautist, and pride in his professional service.